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Develop Your Performance - Pole Vault

"The pole vault is the event in track and field with the most variables. Controlling as many variables as possible makes you consistent. A sound technical basis provides opportunity for higher and more consistent performances."

At Vault Assault Clinics we begin by identifying your greatest area of improvement and exploring the exercises, drills, or vaulting with the focus on sound technical performance. Vault Assault has been very effective at improving poor sprint mechanics, long steps at the Take Off, inconsistent Approaches, late planting, no left arms at the Take OFF, inability to invert, and a host of other technical performance and training issues.

Vault Assault Monthly Subscribers and VA Team Members received unlimited clinic sessions during their subscription; however, each clinic capacity is 10 athletes per session. Monthly Subscribers are registered on a first come, first serve basis. Team members must register for clinics 24 hours prior to the clinic date.

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Vault Assault Merchandise

Order exclusive Vault Assault Merchandise

Exclusive Vault Assault merchandise including T-shirts, posters and more. All Team VA members and some VAO members receive discounts on your order.

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Vault Assault Training Plans

Experience the Difference

Whether a pole vault beginner or elite athlete, training is the most important factor in your performance. Train daily with a former HS, NCAA, US, & World Champion. Your training should focus on sharpening your athletic skills while improving your technique & performance.

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VA Video Analysis

Receive online video analysis direct from 2x Olympian and World Champion LoJo

Learn the next step, suggested drills and exercises to improve on your performance based on your personal submitted video.

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